The connection with Old Russian architecture can be clearly seen in the interior space. The unique feature of the Archangel Cathedral interior is in its disintegration and congestion of massive and almost squire pillars – two in the altar part and four on the nave, which divide the building into three lengthway naves. The central nave is wider as well as higher than those on the sides, because its barrel vault is leant on heightened reinforcing rib. The high chancel screen separates the altar part from the nave. But Alevizio Novi delicately used order decoration in the interior. The pillars and piers are raised on high pedestals. The top bears the cornice which frames the cross formed by barrel vaults.

Interior of the Archangel CathedralInterior of the Archangel Cathedral

Wall painting in the north nave of the Archangel CathedralBurial places in the south nave of the Archangel cathedralChurch chandelier and iconostasis in the Archangel Cathedral


План - схема Архангельского собора.1 Portals

2а Center of the Altar part

2б Prothesis

2в Diaconicon

3 Solea

4 North-east pillar

5 South-east pillar

6.North-west pillar

7 South-west pillar

8 Central nave

9 North nave

10 South nave

11 West annex

12 Loggia of the west annex

13 Side chapel of St Varus

14 Side chapel of St John the Precursor

15 South annex