The Archangel's Cathedral as a part of the architectural ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin

The Archangel Cathedral, constructed in 1505-1508 by the Italian architect Aloisio Novyi, is the most unique monument in the whole ensemble of the Cathedral Squire of the Moscow Kremlin. The erection of the cathedral accomplished the rearrangement of the residence of grand princes, which was planned and realized by Ivan III – the Grand Prince and the sovereign of All Russia (1462-1505). During his reign the process of integration of Russian lands was complete (Russia became ultimately free from the Mongol-Tatar Yoke in 1480), and the international image of the strengthening Muscovy increased. As a result, a grand-scale development occurred in the Moscow Kremlin. An important role in this ideological strategy which was put into the changes of the Moscow Kremlin was played by the Archangel Cathedral – the principal church of princes, which had become the burial place of Moscow grand princely family. 

The cathedral is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of princes in there feats of arms. Grand princes used to go there and pray before leaving for war, hoping to impetrate moral courage for deeds. Younger brothers of princes swore on oath of loyalty to grand princes here.  Later, in the lead of solemn ceremony tsars were attending the cathedral after a coronation ceremony in order to pay respect to their ancestors.

2008 is marked by the quincentenary of the Archangel Cathedral, but its history is much longer.


The Archangel's Cathedral in winterInterior of the Archangel's CathedralThe Archangel's Cathedral