The Archangel Cathedral built by Alevisio Novi stands in open view on the edge of Borovitsky Hill. The temple erected on site of a white-stone cathedral of 1333 during the reign of the first Grand Prince of Muscovy Ivan Kalita (1325-1340) was not only higher and bigger than the former one. It amazed contemporaries by the unusual shape reflecting the motifs of Italian palazzo.

The Italian master faced a difficult objective – to establish a new temple and burial place, the monument to the ancient family of grand princes, capable of reviving and glorifying Russia, which held its honourable place among the most powerful European states of that time.


Architectural complex of the Cathedral Square and the Archangel's cathedralThe Archangel's CathedralThe Archangel's CathedralThe Archangel's Cathedral and the Tsar BellThe Archangel's Cathedral