Plan-scheme of burials

  1. Yaroslav (Afanasy) Vladimirovich (died in 1426). Appanage Prince of Maloyaroslavets
  2. Ivan Vladimirovich (died in 1423). Appanage Prince of Serpukhov
  3. Andrei Vasilievich Men'shoi (died in 1481). Appanage Prince of Vologda
  4. Boris Vasilievich (died in 1494). Appanage Prince of Volotsk and Ruza
  5. Yury Vasilievich (died in 1472). Appanage Prince of Dmitrov
  6. Semyon Ivanovich (died in 1518). Appanage Prince of Kaluga
  7. Ivan Vasilievich (died in 1417). Son of Vassily (Basil) I
  8. Peter Dmitrievich (died in 1428). Appanage Prince of Dmitrov and Uglich
  9. Andrei Dmitrievich (died in 1432). Appanage Prince of Mozhaisk, Vereya and Belozersk
  10. Yury Dmitrievich (died in 1434). Great Prince of Moscow, Appanage Prince of Zvenigirid and Galich.
    Vassily Yurievich Kosoi (died in 1447). Appanage Prince of Zvenigirod.
    Dmitry Yurievich Krasnyi (died in 1440). Appanage Prince of Bezhetsk and Galich.
  11. Vladimir Andreevich Khrabryi (died in 1410). Appanage Prince of Serpukhov and Borovsk
  12. Andrei Ivanovich (died in 1353). Appanage Prince of Serpukhov
  13. Dmitry Ivanovich (died in 1509)1. Great Prince of Moscow, coregent to Ivan III
  14. Ivan Ivanovich Molodoi (died in 1490). Son of Ivan III, Great Prince of Tver
  15. Vassily I Dmitrievich (died in 1425). Great Prince of Moscow
  16. Dmitry Ivanovich (died in 1521). Appanage Prince of Uglich
  17. Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoi (died in 1389)2. Great Prince of Moscow
  18. Ivan Ivanovich Krasnyi (died in 1359). Great Prince of Moscow
  19. Yury Vasilievich (died in 1563). Appanage Prince of Uglich and Kaluga
  20. Semyon Ivanovich Gordyi (died in 1353). Great Prince of Moscow
  21. Ivan I Danilovich Kalita (died in 1340). Great Prince of Vladimir and Moscow
  22. Vassily III Ivanovich (died in 1533)3. Great Prince of Moscow.
    Dmitry Ivanovich (died in 1553). Tsarevich
  23. Ivan III Vasilievich (died in 1505). Great Prince of Moscow
  24. Vassily II Vasilievich Temnyi (died in 1462). Great Prince of Moscow
  25. Fyodor Ivanovich (died in 1598). Tsar
  26. Ivan Ivanovich (died in 1581). Tsarevich
  27. Ivan IV Vasilievich the Terrible (died in 1584)
  28. Mikhail Vasilievich Skopin-Shuysky (died in 1610)
  29. Dmitry Ivanovich (died in 1591). Tsarevich, Appanage Prince of Uglich
  30. Alexei Mikhailovich (died in 1676). Tsar
  31. Alexei Alekseevich (died in 1670). Tsarevich
  32. Mikhail Fyodorovich (died in 1645). Tsar.
    Vasily Mikhailovich (died in 1639). Tsarevich
  33. Ivan Mikhailovich (died in 1639). Tsarevich
  34. Dmitry Alekseevich (died in 1650). Semen Alexeevich (died in 1669). Tsareviches
  35. Ilya Fyodorovich (died in 1681). Alexander Petrovich (died in 1692). Tsareviches
  36. Vassily Ivanovich Shuysky (died in 1612). Tsar
  37. Vladimir Andreevich (died in 1569). Appanage Prince of Staritsa. Vassily Vladimirovich (died in 1574). Appanage Prince of Dmitrov
  38. Andrei Ivanovich (died in 1537). Appanage Prince of Staritsa
  39. Yury Ivanovich (died in 1536). Appanage Prince of Dmitrov
  40. Andrei Vladimirovich (died in 1426). Appanage Prince of Radonezh
  41. Andrei Vasilievich Bolshoy (died in 1493). Appanage Prince of Uglich
  42. Ivan V Alekseevich (died in 1696). Tsar
  43. Fyodor Alekseevich (died in 1682). Tsar
  44. Peter II Alekseevich (died in 1730). Emperor
  45. Vasily Yaroslavich (died in 1483)4. Appanage Prince of Borovsk
  46. Peter (Xodayqol/Kuydakul) (died in 1523). Tsarevich of Kazan
  47. Alexander (Utemish-Girei) (died in 1566). Tsar of Kazan
  48. Place of initial burial of Tsar Boris Godunov (died in 1605)5
  49. and 50. Shrine of 1688 and shrine with holy relics of 1817 of Michael Vsevolodovich (died in 1246). Prince of Chernigov
  • 1
    The date, inscripted on the sarcophagus is 1504
  • 2
    Canonized in 1988
  • 3
    The date, inscripted on the sarcophagus is 1534
  • 4
    The date, inscripted on the sarcophagus is 1462
  • 5
    Soon after the burial the remains of Tsar Boris Godunov were brought out of the cathedral. He was buried in the Trinity Sergy monastery.